Top Twitter Hacks: How to boost your followers and engagements

Twitter is becoming an increasingly influential platform in the digital marketing world. Many businesses and individuals are turning to the social media site in order to find other businesses and delve deeper into what they have to offer. But with only 140 characters per tweet, how can you REALLY make an impression?

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Looking to review your marketing plan? Here are some tips.

A successful marketing plan is not just a plan, it’s a process. In the contemporary business climate, things are constantly changing, and your marketing strategies must keep up. Static plans won’t make the cut. A good plan therefore requires commitment, reviews and revisions through looking at measurable results and tracking performance. With work typically quietening down for many businesses over the summer months, now marks the perfect time to look at and review your marketing plan.

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Why is it important to have good quality content?

Working with many clients in digital marketing, I find myself stressing more and more the importance of them having good quality content on their websites. Particularly in the digital age, having a strong and sophisticated online presence that accurately represents both your business and your target market is key. Attracting new customers and solidifying existing relationships is increasingly reliant on people searching online and looking at your website, using this to cast judgement on your organisation rather than through word of mouth or face to face meetings. Whilst the design is important for attracting customers initially, the content is fundamental to maintaining their loyalty and enhancing your reputation.

How to use Instagram in your digital marketing plan

With the seemingly unstoppable rise of numerous social media platforms, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by which is which, what goes where, and so on. Many people become confused with regards to how each platform may be suitable for their brand, or how they can be used in their digital marketing plan. Instagram is one such platform that has gained significant popularity in recent years, providing a new, up and coming opportunity for greater exposure and utilisation within digital marketing.

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Why you should include an eBook in your content marketing strategy

As highlighted in one of my previous post, creating original and engaging content is one of the most successful ways to reach out to potential customers and generate leads. Aside from the obvious of websites and blogs, eBooks have seen their popularity grow over recent years, many organisations jumping on the bandwagon as a new means of providing information and enticing customers.

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Why is social media so important for your business?

I work with a lot of businesses helping them either by managing their social media for them or training them to use it more efficiently themselves. But I know there are still a lot of businesses that are still trying to decide whether to use social media and why it is important for their business.

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Want to know if your social media efforts are paying off? Time to have a social media review.

If you feel like you’ve put your heart and soul into jumping on the social media bandwagon and setting up all those accounts, but aren’t entirely sure if they’re doing what you thought they would, it may be time for an audit. Conducting a social media review can help you take a closer look at your financial investments, audience, activity and results. This way you can assess whether your social media efforts are worthwhile, for instance whether you’re spending too much time on a platform that isn’t delivering the best results. Most importantly, it can help you work out what you’re doing on social media is still relevant to your current goals and objectives.

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How to use Snapchat effectively in your marketing plan

With pictures disappearing after 10 seconds, it’s easy to understand why Snapchat is often neglected as part of digital marketing strategies in comparison to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However, despite not always being the most obvious, there are ways that you can utilise Snapchat as part of your social media marketing, boosting both followers and engagements for your business.

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How to personalise your marketing

Being treated like a real, unique person by a company feels much nicer and is more likely to make you want to buy from them than if you are treated like customer #1572. Receiving messages that are personalised to you, your purchase history and your needs and interests makes it seem like the company have really made an effort and that you matter to them. Beyond opening your email campaigns with "Dear *|FNAME|*", how can you personalise your marketing strategy to make your customers feel special?

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Bring out the personality of your business

People can relate to other people. Because of this, they are much more likely to trust the word of a person or want to engage with a person than they are with a faceless corporation. The key to gaining the trust of your target market and encouraging them to engage with you, both online and off, is to show the people behind your business and show the personality of these people and of the business itself. This is much easier for small businesses and sole traders than it is for large, global companies with thousands of employees and various locations so use this to your advantage.