Why you should include an eBook in your content marketing strategy


As highlighted in one of my previous post, creating original and engaging content is one of the most successful ways to reach out to potential customers and generate leads. Aside from the obvious of websites and blogs, eBooks have seen their popularity grow over recent years, many organisations jumping on the bandwagon as a new means of providing information and enticing customers.

This post outlines various reasons why you should consider including an eBook as part of your digital marketing strategy.


1. They’re unique

One factor that propels eBooks over and above other online content such as blogs and YouTube videos, is that they’re downloadable. This makes them unique. Having something that the customer can download makes an eBook feel more like an object of real value, rather than just scrolling through another post or watching a video. Through offering users, the opportunity to opt in with their own information in exchange for yours, eBooks can be used as lead generation tools.


2. Generating Leads

Websites are an essential marketing tool and are useful for two reasons: to showcase what you offer and to generate leads. An eBook is a great tool for the latter. Make sure that the eBook is clearly visible on the home page and ask people to fill in their contact details so they can download the document. It’s best to just ask for name and email address, if you start asking for too much information you can put people off. Once you have their email address you can add them to your newsletter mailing list and send them regular updates on your services. 


3. They allow for greater depth

eBooks offer much greater scope than a simple blog post or website page. They allow you to share your knowledge and stage your authority on a topic in much greater detail, yet still all in one place. The user can access a wealth of information via a single clearly structured document.


4. They can help strengthen your brand

Brand authority and trust are increasingly crucial to attracting and maintaining customer loyalty. eBooks can help build trust and express authenticity as they provide customers with information on a subject that they care about and have a great interest in, displaying this in an exciting and creative way. This shows that you care about the subject as much as they do, showcasing your knowledge and trustworthy expertise, and improving the brand’s credibility.


5. You can easily include images and stats

Whilst the use of images and stats including large graphs and tables can often end up looking messy, out of place and hard to read when on a web page or video, eBooks provide a great place to include these. Not only does this allow you to add more in-depth and evidenced information, it also looks a lot more appealing and interesting to the audience, improving your reliability, reputation and popularity.


6. They can help you position your brand as an industry thought leader 

Taking the time to produce an in-depth, well thought out eBook has endless benefits. Writing an eBook that stands out for its excellent content, expert and reliable information, and unique insights can work wonders for establishing your brand within your niche. This can work towards making your brand become known for your work and positioning yourself as a thought leader.


Ultimately, as part of your digital marketing strategy, eBooks can allow you to make deeper connections with your target audience. Creating detailed content that resonates with your target market allows you to say much more than any blog post can, further adding to the brand’s successful reputation and legacy.


If you would like any advice on creating or reviewing your digital marketing strategies, include advice on creating eBooks, then contact Shamshad directly on Shamshad@shamshadwalker.co.uk or call 0115 880 0247


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