Why is it important to have good quality content?


Working with many clients in digital marketing, I find myself stressing more and more the importance of them having good quality content on their websites. Particularly in the digital age, having a strong and sophisticated online presence that accurately represents both your business and your target market is key. Attracting new customers and solidifying existing relationships is increasingly reliant on people searching online and looking at your website, using this to cast judgement on your organisation rather than through word of mouth or face to face meetings. Whilst the design is important for attracting customers initially, the content is fundamental to maintaining their loyalty and enhancing your reputation.

Here are some key tips to help you ensure your website content is as good as your business.


1.     Use appropriate language

When creating content, it is important to remember that you are writing to attract and build trust with the reader (and hopefully customer). You aren’t writing for yourself. It is therefore key that you use language that resonates with the user, language that is easy for them to understand and that hopefully makes your business, service or products appear attractive to your target market. If you’re looking to sell a service that offers people assistance setting up computer software for example, you’re not going to write your website in code or complicated computer jargon. Potential customers will click off right away.


2.     Use content that is rich and original 

Not only does your content need to resonate with the user, it also needs to reflect your brand values and the message that you’re trying to get across. You’re wanting to build a potential relationship with these readers, and the best relationships are built on trust. With original, real and engaging content you’re going to attract the customer, inform them, enhance the user experience and leave them wanting more.


3.     Create killer headlines

Headlines are what the user reads first. Their purpose is to grab you. To attract your attention. Users will read this and immediately decide in their head whether they’re going to carry on reading or wave you goodbye. Make it catchy and engaging but also make it clear. You want the user to get a good and positive idea of what the rest of the information is going to be about.


4.     Be concise

In the SEO world, key words are king. Using short phrases and key words that clearly and concisely sum up your service will mean customers can build an accurate and clear idea of what you must offer. Your use of words is equally as important in terms of your ability to be found through online search engines such as Google. Using key words makes it more likely that customers will come across your page when searching the web, improving your ranking on search engines. Google can’t pass judgement on how your website looks, all it cares about is the content.


5.     Make continual updates

Creating and maintaining your website is a commitment. It’s no good writing a load of content then sitting back, putting your feet up and watching the world go by. This is not the way to attract new customers or readers. Readers want new, up-to-date, and relevant information that keeps them coming back. Search engines also favour sites that are regularly updated, so putting out new content is key to ensuring a stronger influx of visitors.


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