Using Instagram in the hospitality sector


Using social media as part of your marketing strategy can hugely increase awareness about your business, particularly within the hospitality industry, generating motivated engagement with your food and service, and get you more customers in your door. Following on from our last blog which was about using Facebook and Twitter. This article is here to offer you some more tips on how you can utilize social media within your marketing strategies for the hospitality industry. This time, we’re focusing on Instagram.


  1. Use geotags


Geotagging your images allows Instagram users searching in your area to find your restaurant. For example, if people are on holiday in an area they are unfamiliar with, they may turn to Instagram to search for local restaurants and café’s, using the location feature to search specifically in the area. Geotagging your pictures, therefore, means they’re more likely to stumble across your business. This also means customers can share their own posts using your geotag, improving customer engagement and helping create your very own album of accessible images of your food for others to admire and hopefully be enticed by.


  1. Use hashtags


Like geotagging, hashtags are also a great way to help customers find you on Instagram. Setting up basic hashtags and using them frequently such as the name of your restaurant means you’ll not only be easier to find but will appear more frequently in people’s feeds. Using hashtags for popular special events like #Christmas or trending food and drink items such as #aperolspritz will also mean it’s more likely for potential customers to come across your page when searching for their favourite foods and events.


  1. Make sure you post on a regular basis.


When using Instagram effectively, you need to make sure you’re posting on a regular basis to keep customers engaged, so they’ll be wanting to come back for more. This also makes sure they don’t forget you exist. Having said this, Google doesn't like is a dump of content. Instead, build your Instagram presence gradually. Post a photo a day or several throughout the week, and before you know it, you'll have an impressive digital photo album.


  1. Choose your images wisely


Primarily, Instagram is a platform based on images, used for posting your most aesthetically pleasing pictures. Think about your audience. If people are looking for somewhere to eat, they’re going to be looking for photos of your finest food, not a photo of the chef’s weekend trip to the Lake District. Keep your pictures foodie related and relevant. This way people are more likely to engage with your posts and want to visit your restaurant.


  1. Get your customers involved through offers and competitions


Instagram is a great platform through which you can post offers and competitions to get customers excited and involved. For instance, you could offer a free lunch for two for the person who captures the best snap of themselves dining in your restaurant. This way people are more likely to advertise your restaurant on their own platform, encouraging their followers to follow your page and pay you a visit in real life. If they’re a fan, it’s most likely their friends and family will be too.


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