Using Facebook and Twitter in the hospitality sector


As social media becomes more and more prominent in marketing techniques, those in the hospitality sector, for instance, restaurants and cafés, are increasingly looking for ways to utilize this to encourage more customers to visit their businesses. Social media can be hugely powerful for attracting and maintaining good reputations and customer loyalties… if you know how.


This blog post is here to give you some key tips to utilize social media within the hospitality industry, looking at Facebook and Twitter specifically.


  1. Make sure you include lots of delicious looking images on your Facebook page


The most shared posts on Facebook are images. In the restaurant industry, in particular, your business is your food, and your food is extremely visual. Make sure you utilize this aspect and keep your customers up to date with enticing pictures of your most aesthetically pleasing dishes on the menu. They’ll be dying to come and taste it for themselves.


  1. Use Facebook geotagging


Facebook ads let you do all kinds of very specific, niche targeting – specifically allowing you to geotag your ads. For restaurants and café’s, this is great. You can target your ads to be seen only by people in your particular geographical area. Not only this, but you can also target your ads to be seen by those with specific likes, and by those who like certain pages.


  1. Use those hashtags

Hashtags are extremely popular on Twitter and Facebook. They’re a great way people can find you, searching hashtags related to food and things they’re interested in, of which will hopefully lead them to your page. For instance hashtagging the location of your restaurant, the type of food, or common phrases such as #meatfreemonday or #TGIF. People are more likely to search these and consequently come across your restaurant. They’ll also make your tweets way more interesting. Be careful with Twitter, however, don’t use too many as there are character constraints. Make sure to leave room in your tweets to get RT’s and shares with @mentions - so tweets can be shared between friends and followers.


  1. Be strategic with the timing of your tweets

It can work in your favour to send out tweets close to breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. Unlike Facebook, your tweets will show up in Followers’ feeds immediately as you send them. Tweet about special lunchtime deals as potential customers will be scrolling just before their lunch breaks, searching for somewhere to eat. Also use hashtags for the meal times, like #lunch or #dinner, this makes it easier to find you on a Twitter search.


  1. Include links to your menu

In today’s day and age of the dedicated foodie, many people are more likely to visit a place if they can see the menu beforehand. This is also muchly appreciated by people that may have certain allergies or intolerances so that they can assess whether the place is suitable before going there to eat. Giving your customers a chance to see your menu, therefore, makes you much more appealing, making it more likely that they’ll come and visit. Adding links to your menu through both your Facebook and Twitter pages gives people easy access to this information.


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