Top Twitter Hacks: How to boost your followers and engagements


Twitter is becoming an increasingly influential platform in the digital marketing world. Many businesses and individuals are turning to the social media site in order to find other businesses and delve deeper into what they have to offer. But with only 140 characters per tweet, how can you REALLY make an impression?

Luckily, this article offers some handy tips on how best to utilise Twitter to increase your visibility, followers and potential sales.


1.     Come up with a custom hashtag

Create a unique hashtag that you use in every tweet. Make it something catchy and this will attract more followers, encourage them to remember you and hopefully come back for more. You may even become a trend setter. Watch this space.


2.     Include images

It’s helpful to attach a high-resolution images or videos to as many tweets as possible as readers will find this much more engaging than being faced with a page full of text. They’re more likely to read and retweet your post, and you’ll probably brighten up their day.


3.     Join in with the trends

Don’t forget to take a look at what’s currently trending both nationally and in your area. Get involved with the feeds and use these top trending hashtags in your own tweets. This way users are more likely to come across your page and have a look at what else you’ve got to say, whilst also keeping you relevant and up to date.


4.     Don’t neglect the retweet button 

It’s easy to make your Twitter a one-way street of you handing out endless promotional content. Don’t. Make an effort to interact with your followers, they’ll appreciate that you’re taking an interest in what they have to say or what they care about. Read what they’re tweeting and retweet whatever appears interesting. Retweets can also add more interesting content to your feed for example events that are going on in your industry, not just information relating to your business.


5.     Combine your Twitter with your other social media channels

Twitter can become even more powerful when integrated with your other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. For example, if you’re holding a competition or giveaway on Instagram, Tweet about it and provide a link to it. Or vice versa. This way people who may follow one account but not the other will be directed to the other account, boosting your followers and engagements.


6.     Create a discussion

Ask your followers some interesting and thought-provoking questions. Most people love a change to get their creative juices flowing, and through creating a discussion you can facilitate this. It helps if this is related to your industry, for instance if a new, highly anticipated product has just been released on the market, ask your followers what they think about it or if they’ve got any user tips.


7.     Keep it current

Optimise your content by keeping it up to date. Tweet out some links to some interesting articles that are relevant to your industry on a daily basis. This will make users see that you’re not just interested in your own business, and they won’t forget you exist.


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