Planning your Christmas Campaigns.


It’s not long now before the Christmas period begins. However, many of you will know that particularly in the retail and hospitality industries, preparing for Christmas well in advance is key to securing a successful holiday period. As a small business, if you’re looking to join in on the action and be fruitful in selling more over the busy period, it is crucial that you learn to do the same. Planning is key. This post provides some key tips for coordinating your holiday marketing campaigns to secure Christmas time success.


  1. Get your marketing assets written and designed

Regarding advertising, it is crucial that you begin to design and write your marketing tools well in advance. These may include leaflets, posters, and social media advertisements. Making sure that these are planned and produced well in advance means that you can get them out before the busy period takes hold, making sure customers already know what you can offer them this Christmas. With these, it is important to remember that Christmas is a time of happiness and positivity. Appealing to holiday emotions by positioning your campaigns as festive can provoke cheerful nostalgia for customers who already associate the period with happier thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, cheerier customers are more likely to buy products.


  1. Decide what offers you want to have

It is also important that you decide well in advance specific offers you’re going to have on certain products and services, so you can organise the necessary advertising and also calculate the money side of things. Thinking about what people will be wanting specifically at this time of year will make these campaigns more effective in terms of maximising sales.


  1. Create a Christmas calendar

Expanding on the last point, planning is more important than ever during the busy Christmas period. Create a detailed Christmas calendar which includes when specific offers, resources or products will go out, as well as who they are designed to specifically target. This way everyone will be clear about when things are happening and what the main aims are.


  1. Utilise email campaigns

The build-up to Christmas is a great time to utilise your email campaigns. Making sure that you keep up consistency with sending them out, or even increasing the frequency of these emails is crucial in keeping people up to date with what you have to offer, making sure they remember you particularly over the busy holiday period. They are also a great way to inform your customers of upcoming Christmas time offers. Furthermore, for many Christmas is all about the build-up. Making your brand a source of anticipation through email campaigns can be very effective. Eluding to or building up to a holiday-related announcement such as offers or even new products creates further excitement about the brand and ensures that you’ll stick in their minds when it comes to considering where to shop this Christmas.


  1. Example of a successful Christmas marketing campaign

John Lewis: #BusterTheBoxer – John Lewis is known for their iconic Christmas campaigns. In 2016, Buster the Boxer won our hearts through their TV ad, #BusterTheBoxer turning into a promotional hashtag. Not only this, but John Lewis went further than their TV commercial, dedicating a section of its website to Buster and creating an interactive user experience.


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