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In 2009 Apple trademarked the slogan "There's an app for that", which they used to advertise the Apple App Store and the masses of apps they had available for download. Today it seems like there actually is an app for everything, but what about your business? With increasing use of mobile devices, more and more businesses are deciding to invest in apps to market their business to mobile users.


What are the benefits of creating an app for your business?

Raise brand awareness - If you own a smartphone, it's probably got a variety of apps downloaded to it. Whether or not you actually use them, those little logos and brand names are there on your phone for you to see every time you pick it up. This keeps the brand in your mind, making you more likely to think of them for purchases in the future.

Keep your customers updated - Having your own app is an effective way of communicating with your customers and target market. Whenever you announce something through your app, your customers will be notified and can therefore receive the information straight away. Use your app to communicate information about sales, new products, news from the company, events, reminders about appointments, updates on an order, and much more.

Build customer loyalty - Encouraging your customers to follow you by downloading your app is a great way to encourage loyalty amongst them. The more value your app provides them with, the more likely they are to want to continue using your product or service. You can also use an app for loyalty schemes with your customers, providing them incentives to stay loyal.

Sell anywhere, anytime - You can build your app so that it is an alternative platform for buying from you, so that your customers can shop on the go as well as being able to visit your website or buy in store. A lot of people browse for products on their phone, so being able to purchase there and then will be a big influence on their decision. Make sure that your app is simple to use and that payment can be made easily and securely through the platform.

Advertise your business on other apps

If you don't quite have the budget to create your own app for your business, you can still increase your mobile exposure by advertising on third-party apps. Think about apps that are relevant to your business and who might have a similar audience and get your business featured on them, either by enquiring through them directly or using an ad network. This will effectively market your business to mobile users without the expense of building your own app.

Mobile apps could open up a whole new market for your business and provide you with a lot of possibilities and the chance to be creative with your marketing. If you have any questions or would like more advice about marketing your business using apps, please get in touch by calling 0115 880 0247 or email

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