Looking to review your marketing plan? Here are some tips.


A successful marketing plan is not just a plan, it’s a process. In the contemporary business climate, things are constantly changing, and your marketing strategies must keep up. Static plans won’t make the cut. A good plan therefore requires commitment, reviews and revisions through looking at measurable results and tracking performance. With work typically quietening down for many businesses over the summer months, now marks the perfect time to look at and review your marketing plan.

Here are some key things to consider when assessing your current strategies.


1.     Focus your markets

Successful marketing plans define the target market narrowly. Spreading yourself thin and trying to please everyone isn’t likely to be the best way of maximising customer influx, or your reputation. Decide who represents your ideal customer and therefore who it makes sense for you to spend money and time promoting yourself to. Identify the audience that each activity is aiming to target, and stick to it, make what you’re doing or providing appropriate to that audience and that audience only.


2.     Define your service and be consistent

Concisely defining what you are offering is key to attract customers, making it clear what your customers are really buying into. For this, the way you package your product or service is crucial. Not only this, but staying consistent in everything that you do is often more important than having the best product. This means up-keeping the quality of service and the message you deliver; maintaining customer loyalty, satisfaction, and your reputation.


3.     Consider where you are outsourcing your marketing from

Key to a successful marketing strategy is using the right experts that will create campaigns appropriate for you, your business and your customers. Understanding the suitable platforms and content to use, tracking changes that occur in the marketing world and considering how these affect your business, and a commitment to adapt your plan and generate new ideas are all qualities that are crucial when choosing where to outsource from.


4.     Think about the social media tools you use

With social media being increasingly prominent in the marketing world, it is easy to think the best way to utilise this is to create an account for every platform under the sun and hope they’ll all provide you with customers. Whilst this is not necessarily wrong, it is important to consider which platforms are most appropriate for your business, and focus on these. This way more time and effort can be spent enhancing the platforms that are likely to attract the most potential customers. For example, Instagram is ideal retailers trying to attract young people but not a good platform for accountants to use.


5.     Do more of what is working well

If something is working well, for example if traffic to your website has increased dramatically since regularly posting updates on Twitter, do more of it. If something hasn’t generated any interest or doesn’t seem to be working, scrap it. Don’t be afraid to make changes, even if this goes against what others in the industry may be doing. Change is often vital for growth. Be flexible.


6.     Set goals and review

It is important to think about how you’re going to track your progress. This could be through profit, number of items sold, or any metric that clearly shows your progress. Set goals detailing where you want to be in a certain time, and create a plan of action. What are you going to do if you get X results? A good technique is using SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bounding. Keeping track of your progress is then crucial. Analysing your results help create more successful strategies and therefore better results.


If you would like any advice on creating or reviewing your marketing plan then contact Shamshad directly on Shamshad@shamshadwalker.co.uk or call 0115 880 0247 


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