How to use Snapchat effectively in your marketing plan


With pictures disappearing after 10 seconds, it’s easy to understand why Snapchat is often neglected as part of digital marketing strategies in comparison to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However, despite not always being the most obvious, there are ways that you can utilise Snapchat as part of your social media marketing, boosting both followers and engagements for your business.


1.     Sharing information about sales and promo codes

Snapchat can be a great platform to share promotional offers and give rewards to loyal customers. You could also offer rewards for users taking a snap of them with one of your products or advertising your service, and sharing this with their own followers. This will to help ensure they check back on your account on a regular basis, as well as recommending you to their peers. Snapchat also offers an in-app feature to share in-store sales, encouraging customers to visit you in person.


2.     Make a Geofilter

For businesses where you have a physical base that customers can visit, producing a geofilter can encourage users to pay you a visit, with the incentive of being able to put this unique filter on their own snaps. Whilst not only being a fun thing for customers to get involved with, it also shares your business with their Snapchat circle, furthering promotion.


3.     Host a Snapchat take-over

Influencers are getting a lot of air time on social media at the minute, with their power a huge asset for businesses trying to promote their brand. Finding out who the key influencers may be for your particular industry or target audience and asking them to do a Snapchat take-over for your account can be great for boosting followers and engagements along with sales and recognition. Having someone popular take-over your Snapchat will not only get the word out to more people with influencers advertising the take-over on their own channels and encouraging their followers to follow you, it is also beneficial for them as your customers can discover their accounts too.   


4.     Share behind-the-scenes info

Snapchat is a great platform to share sneak peeks of upcoming launches or events. This is ideal for building anticipation and excitement amongst your target audience, hopefully passing this information on to their peers to spread news of your brand further. This can also make your users feel like they are getting unique behind-the-scenes information and VIP treatment, improving their loyalties to the brand as well as your reputation for customer engagement.


5.     Do a live broadcast

People are becoming increasingly engaged and excited by live content. This could be anything from a quick 10-minute snippet at the office Christmas party, or a live demo of an employee using one of your products. Being able to watch and engage with something that is real-time builds a much more personal relationship between you and your users, making them feel like they could be a part of your daily lives and therefore more valued as potential customers. Social media lovers are always looking for people to provide them with consistent live content, so building up your reputation as a business who regularly offer great live streams will encourage more people to seek out your account and follow you.


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