How to use Instagram in your digital marketing plan


With the seemingly unstoppable rise of numerous social media platforms, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by which is which, what goes where, and so on. Many people become confused with regards to how each platform may be suitable for their brand, or how they can be used in their digital marketing plan. Instagram is one such platform that has gained significant popularity in recent years, providing a new, up and coming opportunity for greater exposure and utilisation within digital marketing.

This post will therefore provide some key ways in which you can use Instagram in your own digital marketing plan.


1.     Give customers a ‘behind the scenes’ insight

Posting pictures of employees going about their day-to-day lives, snapshots of office parties, product launches etc. helps to make your business seem more real and authentic to customers. Not only can this help to build trust with your followers, but potential customers may feel like they already have some sort of relationship built with you, meaning they feel more compelled and comfortable to engage further with you. This makes them more likely to want to do business with you, hopefully buying your product or service.


2.     Host competitions

Instagram is a great platform to bring a fun side to the brand. Hosting competitions via Instagram is a free and easy way to interact with customers, and attract new ones. This could be done for example through asking customers to post pictures of your products, or using your services, and choosing a daily, weekly or monthly winner, potentially offering them some sort of prize or discount. Not only will this keep followers coming back to your page, but it will also expose your brand to users’ wider networks, with the use of hashtags enhancing this further.


3.     Promote your brand

Probably the most obvious one, Instagram allows you to post photos of your products and services being used in action, rather than just being seen through the usual stock photos. This gives customers greater insight into the brand and products, giving them a more real, raw and legitimate view than that offered by your website or elsewhere online. It is also easier for customers to engage and ask questions regarding the products or services in a way more personal and accessible than sending an email or using an online form.


4.     Make your followers feel special

Mentioning followers using an @mention, for example through things like follower of the day, can work to boost their loyalty to the brand. This makes it more likely they’ll share the brand with the rest of their followers and wider network, boosting promotion of your brand or product and hopefully providing more followers and potential business.


5.     Use the trend to market your brand

Instagram can also be used as a platform to research the current trends in the social media world. Once the most suitable trends have been identified, you can then utilise them in your wider branding and marketing strategies. For instance, marketers can use popular trending hashtags relevant to your industry to join in on a larger part of online storytelling, becoming a part of and building a wider web community.


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