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Being treated like a real, unique person by a company feels much nicer and is more likely to make you want to buy from them than if you are treated like customer #1572. Receiving messages that are personalised to you, your purchase history and your needs and interests makes it seem like the company have really made an effort and that you matter to them. Beyond opening your email campaigns with "Dear *|FNAME|*", how can you personalise your marketing strategy to make your customers feel special?


Segment your database

It would be difficult to personalise your marketing to each individual customer, so to make it easier, you could start off by segmenting your customers into certain categories. These categories could be based on a variety of criteria and can be split into as many or as few sections as you'd like. You could split customers based on age, sex, location, purchase history, interests or number of employees if you are targeting a business.

These are some examples of generic categories most businesses could use, but you could split them based on something more specific to your industry. For example, if you offer IT support, you could segment customers based on number of computers owned by a business, or if you own a pet shop, you could segment people based on what type of animals they own.

Send emails targeted to the customer

After you have segmented your customers and prospects, you can create emails that are personalised to each category. Not every customer is going to want the same thing, so the more relevant you can make your marketing communications to each customer, the more likely they are to buy from you.

For example, if you sell clothing, this can be as simple as splitting your customers into men and women and creating two email campaigns, one containing men's clothing and the other containing women's clothing. Going back to the pet shop example, you could create different emails for owners of cats, dogs, rabbits, fish and lizards. 

Create personalised landing pages

If you want to link to a page on your website from these email campaigns, it's important to make sure these are personalised too; if a person receives an email that is really specific to them and what they want, but then they are directed to a generic page on your website, on which they have to search for what they are looking for, they are much less likely to make a purchase. Direct them to exactly what they are interested in and what you want them to buy or do. Make the process of buying from you as easy as you can for your customers and you will see much greater success in your marketing campaigns.

Follow these steps towards personalising your marketing for your customers and see how much your sales increase by. If you would like any advice about personalising your marketing or help with implementing it, call us on 0115 880 0247 or email to find out how we can help.

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