Do you want to weigh as much as Queen Latifah?


20130529215721-photograph-your-weighing-scalesRecently, Health and Beauty retailer, Superdrug, came under intense scrutiny from all angles following the announcement that they planned to launch a set of weighing scales which displays your weight not as a numerical figure, but as a comparison to a famous female celebrity, ranging from Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton on the lower end of the scale, to Queen Latifah and Melissa McCarthy on the higher end.

This product was blasted on twitter by members of the public and celebrities with concerns over the negative message it sends to young girls in particular. Eating disorder charity, Beat labelled the scales as "dangerous beyond belief" and Cheryl Cole herself took to Twitter, tweeting the following message:

"...Pls do not include me on your scale. Girls should be worried about the number on their exam page not a weight scale ffs"

After this backlash Superdrug promptly pulled the product, sending the following message out via Twitter:

Superdrug Statement

This incident is a prime example of the importance of engaging with and responding to your market. Using social media is one incredibly effective way of doing this.

Social media is a platform which allows you to easily engage and interact with your customers as you can communicate with a wide range of people from all over the world so you can easily reach your existing customers as well as people who might buy from you in the future. This interaction can prove invaluable to optimising the performance and service of your business. By observing and interacting with your followers on Twitter, for example, you can make note of what they do and talk about on a daily basis, ask for their opinion on future products, get their feedback on the products/services they have previously used, from you or your competitors. Superdrug clearly utilises Twitter as a way of engaging with their consumers and, in the case discussed above, quickly responded to their customers upon receiving criticism concerning their product, allowing them to very quickly get back on track towards customer satisfaction.

The customer is always right, so listening to what they have to say is key! Once you've taken your time to understand their thoughts, opinions and actions, channel this into improving the services and products you provide for them. If you respond to feedback from your customers effectively then anything put out by your business; a product, a service, a message, etc., should meet, or even exceed, their expectations at all times. This will then improve customer service and therefore customer satisfaction, making it more likely for them to use your services/products in the future as well as recommending you to their friends, family and colleagues.

So take a leaf out of Superdrug's book and make sure you're using social media to its fullest potential. You never know the ways in which you might reap the rewards.

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