Bring out the personality of your business


People can relate to other people. Because of this, they are much more likely to trust the word of a person or want to engage with a person than they are with a faceless corporation. The key to gaining the trust of your target market and encouraging them to engage with you, both online and off, is to show the people behind your business and show the personality of these people and of the business itself. This is much easier for small businesses and sole traders than it is for large, global companies with thousands of employees and various locations so use this to your advantage.


Here are a few ways you can bring out the personality of your business.

Show your face

Pictures of you and your team on your website, social media and perhaps in your email footer will give your customers a point of reference so that they know who they are communicating with. It's much easier to relate to someone and trust them when you can imagine them as a real person. Use professional pictures of yourself to represent the business well, but try to look happy and natural in them so that you look like a friendly, approachable person that people will want to work with.

Speak (and type) naturally

Try not to use too much jargon and corporate-speak when you are writing as your business, whether it's on your website, on social media or in emails. Obviously you still want to keep your language professional, avoid offensive language and make sure everything is spelt correctly, but also think about the way you would speak to your clients in real life and try to speak this way in your writing. People often become too formal when they are writing as opposed to speaking, and their language comes across as unnatural and forced as a result. Keep a friendly tone and use language that your customers will understand. 

Having a blog on your website is a great way of injecting some personality into your website content, even if you don't feel comfortable changing the tone of your main website content. You can talk about things you are interested in and give your opinion on issues relating to your industry within your blog, and you can write it in a more conversational style.

Tell your story

Many businesses have an 'about us' or 'meet the team' page on their website where they can introduce the business owner and the employees of the business. This is a great way to put across the individual personalities of the team behind a business. A lot of businesses don't make the most of this, though; they simply use it as another opportunity to sell the business and the qualifications of the business owner. Tell your personal story of how the business came to be and the journey you went on to make it happen, and share some interests and hobbies of your team members. The more your audience knows about the business and the people behind it, the more likely they will be to trust you and relate to you, making them more likely to choose you to do business with. 

Take these things into consideration in all the messages you put out there, through your website, social media or emails, for example. If you would like any advice about getting the personality of your business across in your marketing, call us on 0115 880 0247 or email


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