We design memorable email marketing campaigns that will get you noticed. Never underestimate the power of email. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field and promote your brand as trustworthy, email marketing is still an effective tool.

It is important for businesses to keep connected with clients and build up their databases. Email marketing can help generate new leads for your business and keep current clients up to date with any news or developments.

Before we get started we take the time to understand your goals for any email marketing campaigns. It’s important that each email has clear call-to-actions for example, to read a blog, sign up to a newsletter or buy a product. 

We will then create a branded newsletter template that showcases your services and products. We then write the content and add images that will engage your customers.

Regular email marketing

For some clients, we create a newsletter on a regular basis, usually fortnightly or monthly. The frequency is dependent on your services or products. If you are selling products online the more frequent newsletters may be needed.

Email marketing campaigns

If you are promoting a new product or service, then we can run specific campaigns which are over a set period. These may be to a segment of your database or to everyone. We will work with you to develop the campaign and then ensure that the emails are sent out on time.

We create high quality, beautiful templates that will attract the attention of the recipient. By measuring the success of your campaigns with meaningful statistics and regular reports, we can ensure you get a return on investment.

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