Are you a Mover or a Shaker?


Shamshad and KateMovers and Shakers are defined as 'people of energetic demeanour, who initiate change and influence events'. Every business no matter what the size, needs these people as they will directly impact on the growth of the business and will bring fresh and exciting ideas which can make the business stand out from its competitors.

The Mover and Shaker may be a business owner or Entrepreneur that has a clear vision and personal stake in achieving success. Or it could be a marketing manager that wants to make sure that the company achieves its targets.

We are on the hunt for these people to join us in an exciting new masterclass that will be launched in September this year.

Kate Tyler and I are collaborating to bring this masterclass to the East Midlands. We both love living and working here and we believe that the East Midlands business community has so much talent and there is a lot of potential for growth.

Most businesses understand the importance of marketing and social media to help them to generate leads, they sometimes struggle with ideas to to try something different. We are often asked by business owners how do we create a buzz about our business? How can we develop campaigns that really make us stand out from the crowd?

We are all familiar with campaigns that are created by large companies that are truly memorable - these create a visceral response - such as joy, wonder, inspiration, motivation or even compassion. When you personally connect with a message whether its online, something you read or hear then it stays with you.

We want to work with businesses across the East Midlands to inspire them to develop marketing and social media campaigns that will grab their customers attention and create a visceral response. Storytelling and engaging with customers particularly through social media can be done in a very cost effective way and have a profound impact on how your costumers perceive your business. We want your customers to come to you to buy rather than you having to constantly trying to sell.

So are you a Mover and Shaker? Would you like to join us and a small group of like minded businesses that are all aiming for success?

The Movers and Shakers Masterclass starts in September and will be bringing you top class speakers from industries across the UK who can share their story with you and inspire you to liven up your marketing and create a buzz about your brand.

Have a look at our website for more details or please do get in touch with Shamshad by email or ring me on 0115 982 3249.

PS Here's a link to our press release in Nottingham Evening Post - big thanks to The FSB for supporting us with our launch. CLICK HERE

PPS If you are a Mover and Shaker - watch out as we will be out making short videos of some of East Midlands Mover and Shakers!


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